South Pennine Road Club


Firstly some history to help understand why time trial course have strange codes:-

In 1890, cycle races were banned on public roads;  events prior to that were often interrupted by horse-mounted police, who ran down racers and attempted to throw sticks into their wheels.

A small number of authorised races took place on a tiny number of velodromes but rebels started staging races with a cunning way to avoid the wrath of the police. Starting at intervals of usually a minute, riders raced against the clock (as cyclists meeting on the road were not allowed to race against each other). Because of the legal situation, riders dressed from neck to foot in black to make themselves less obvious, never wore numbers but always carried a bell. Races started in the countryside at dawn on courses referred to only in code. Even the cycling press was asked not to say where a race was taking place and details to competitors were headed "private and confidential" up to the 1960s.

Hence deciphering British time trial course codes is seen as one of the black arts.,,,

The CTT produces n annual handbook where dates, times and organisers details are listed for riders to enter. However the  courses are still only described by cryptic letter number codes such as A10/19. Details can also be found on the CTT website.

The most important part of the code is the letter which denotes the geographical region where the race is taking place.

As a clue:-
A = Central district, this is our district that includes Derby.
K = Midland district which covers Burton, Warwickshire, Coventry etc.
O = North Midlands district which begins North of Matlock & Bakewell.
J = Manchester district including Cheshire and the courses West of Uttoxeter.

Central District Open Courses 2018

A10/310 MilesMargidunum - East Stoke - Car ColstonGunthorpe
A10/1310 MilesSeagrave lane - Six Hills - Shoby X - A46Seagrave / Thrussington
A10/1410 MilesLong Bennington - Gonerby Moor - A1Long Bennington
A10/1610 MilesRowsley - BakewellRowsley
A10/1910 milesEtwall - FostonEtwall
A10/3410 milesBreedon CircuitCoalville Wheelers
A10/C Closed CircuitDarley Moor
A25/225 milesGranby - Bingham - Harby - BottesfordGranby
A25/325 milesTuxford - Sutton-on-Trent - Grasthorpe - TuxfordTuxford
A25/1125 milesEtwall - Uttoxeter - EtwallEtwall
A25/1225 milesDarley Dale-BakewellDarley Dale
A25/1625 milesGriffydam - Long Whatton - DiseworthGriffydam
A25/3425 milesEast Stoke - A46 - Stragglethorpe - Fanrdon - East StokeFarndon
A25/3725 milesSeagrave - A46 - Stragglethorpe - Six Hills - A46Seagrave / Thrussington
A30/930 milesEtwall - Uttoxeter - EtwallEtwall
A50/550 MilesPlungar - Bottesford - Bingham - Harby (x2) - GranbyPlungar / Granby
A50/650 MilesEtwall- Blythe BridgeEtwall
A50/1350 MilesSeagrave-Farndon-East Stoke-Six-HillsSeagrave / Thrussington
A100/4100 milesEtwall - Blythe Bridge - Uttoxeter - Rocester - EtwallEtwall
AH/225 milesRowsley -Youlgreave - MonyashRowsley
AHC/10.8 milesRiber (0.8m)Matlock
AHC/31 mileHolly Lane (1.0m)Ambergate
AHC/61kmBank HillMatlock
AHC/9 East BankWinster
AS/622 milesSouth Muskham - Ollerton - South MuskhamNorth Muskham
AS/1930kmGriffydam - A453 - Breedon - B5324 - GriffydamGriffydam

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