South Pennine Road Club


Founded in 1962, South Pennine Road Club was formed to enable its members to race in time trials, a tradition that continues strongly today.

Still unsure of the legal situation regarding racing on the roads in the 1960's, many riders were wearing black to make themselves less conspicuous, with races starting in the countryside around dawn on courses referred to only in code (a tradition that still continues nationally today). Even the cycling press was asked not to say where a race was taking place and details sent to competitors were headed "private and confidential". At the time there was also strong opposition from other local clubs to South Pennine members racing on the roads.

Original club founding document 21st March 1962

Founder Member John Stewart in action at York Rally 1965

Holly Bank Hill Climb Results 17th Oct 1965 - won by our current Membership Secretary.


First Ever Courier 

Jeff Bowler has discovered a copy of the first Courier magazine from April 1962....

Read it here